Get your vehicle road ready

The unofficial start of summer is this weekend.  It's a time where we can get some time off from work and get to relax with family.  Some of you may be getting on the interstate to enjoy one of our beautiful state parks or to the maybe to the in laws house.  Whether you're planning on going 200 or 2,000 miles your vehicle needs to perform without worry.  A breakdown can be very costly.  That's why some preventative measures are necessary.  Getting your vehicle road ready is actually easier than you think.  Before you go anywhere go see a professional.  Let them know that you're planning on going out of town and they can pretty much take it from there.  They will inspect the brakes, the tires for any signs of wear,the cooling system which includes the radiator,thermostat, and hoses. They will check the steering system for smooth operation. The a/c system to make sure it holds a refrigerant charge and blows cold for those humid days.  They will put a load test on the battery,starter and alternator to make sure it starts when you need it to.  If they see anything that requires attention discuss with them what your options may be.   Have fun and be safe!

arthur hoskins